The FLNG Industry Overview 2016

Published 04/07/2016 by Richard Pain

An outsider to the industry could be forgiven for thinking that the FLNG market was in dire straights. Every month it feels as if there is news of another project put on hold due to the unfavourable economic climate. Most recently, Indonesia vetoed plans by Inpex to develop a FLNG for the Abadi gas field, instead opting for an onshore solution.


Despite this news, there are still some bright spots on the horizon as Petronas Satu approaches the date to commence operations and project developments continue for Ophir Energy, Delfin LNG and ENI’s Coral FLNG. As a result, the FLNG market is predicted to reach a capex of $7.17bn in 2016. This breaks down to the liquefaction part of the market worth $5.06bn and the regasification part seeing capex of $2.11bn.

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