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US LNG and European Security of Supply

Presentation delivered at the Gas Infrastructure Europe Annual Conference in Bucharest, June 2018. Source: Russell Roth, Senior Advisor United States Department of Energy

Spot-LNG Prices into Japan

Trend of the price of spot-LNG (Preliminary Figures for June 2018). Source: METI

Observation on LNG Developments in Latin America

Some observations from a market player on developing LNG assets in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Source: Kleber Costa / AES

Australia’s LNG Exports Forecast

The value of Australia’s LNG exports is forecast to increase from $30.8 billion in 2017–18 to $42.4 billion in 2019–20, driven by higher volumes...

A Case Study for Eastern Africa’s Gas Energy Access

Identifying the Roadblocks for Energy Access: A Case Study for Eastern Africa’s Gas Source: Rami Shabaneh, Anne-Sophie Corbeau and Fernando Tomas Nhantumbo / Kapsarc

A Natural Gas Giant Awakens: China

A Natural Gas Giant Awakens: China’s Quest for Blue Skies Shapes Global Markets. David Sandalow, Akos Losz and Sheng Yan.

Weekly LNG Market Analysis

The LNG market is adequately supplied, and the August major procurement has completed, with buyers still opting for long term Brent- based buying. Appetite...

Global Gas Markets: 5 yr Outlook

Global gas markets are being re-shaped by three major structural shifts: (1) China's growing demand, (2) US LNG exports, and (3) industrial demand overtakes...

The Global Effect of LNG Growth on European Gas Markets

Presentation on the Global effect of LNG growth on European gas markets by Thierry Bros using the "LNG tightness indicator" by Argus.

South America Changing LNG Paradigms

Market conditions for FSRU projects are favorable in Latin America for future LNG import terminals. Source: Gabriela Aguilar, Excelerate Energy

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Overlooked Environmental Improvements From US Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

Much of the discussion about liquefied natural gas (LNG) centers on growing US exports, which are largely responsible for creating an LNG spot market...

A Review of Demand Prospects for LNG as a Marine Transport Fuel

This study focuses on the overall prospects for LNG in marine transport. Source: Chris Le Fevre / OIES

2018 World LNG Report

Annual report by IGU on the status of the global LNG industry. Source: IGU