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Weather Resilience in the Natural Gas Industry

Weather Resilience in the Natural Gas Industry: The 2017-18 Test and Results Prepared for the Natural Gas Council, August 2018. Source: RBN Energy

Investments in Natural Gas Supply Chain under the Low Price Environment

The natural gas business has low profit margins, and investment in infrastructure also requires long payback periods. As uncertainty over the future market environment...

Macroeconomic Outcomes of Market Determined Levels of U.S. LNG Exports

The report examines a range of scenarios for future LNG exports and tries to analyze the outcomes of different export levels on natural gas...

A Strategy of LNG Exporting Countries for Trading in the Northeast...

A Strategy of LNG Exporting Countries for Trading in the Northeast Asian Region: Oligopolistic Structures in Spot and Long-term Trading. Source: Gobong Choi & Eunnyeong Heo

The Global Context for European Gas Contracts & Prices

Europe seeks to benefit from global LNG but needs to be careful not to compete with Asia. Source: Wolfgang Peters

US LNG Export Growth and the Benefits to Midstream

Given that LNG exports increase infrastructure demand and extend the runway for US natural gas production growth, midstream companies will also have an interest...

LNG as a Marine Fuel in the EU

Market, bunkering infrastructure investments and risks in the context of GHG reductions. Source: UMAS

An Overview of Global LNG Markets and Implications for Canada

Having missed out on the first LNG race, this second development window offers the most promising opportunity for proposed Canadian export facilities to enter...

How LNG Supply Additions Could Affect Gas Prices in Europe?

Source: Sergei Komlev, Gazprom Export

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International LNG Market: Impacts on Brazil

Source: EPE

Economic and Energy Outlook of Japan through FY2019

Decelerating growth and growing disquiets. Source: YANAGISAWA Akira, IEEJ

A New Narrative for Gas

Source: Thierry Bros, OIES