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European LNG imports from the U.S.

LNG imports from the U.S. continue to rise, up by 181%. For January 2019, EU imports of U.S. LNG were 1.3 billion cubic meters,...

US LNG & EU Antitrust against Gazprom?

According to the author, the story is about Gazprom versus LNG in general, not just Gazprom versus U.S LNG ... Source: François Lévêque

The Death Spiral of Coal in the USA

Despite the death spiral for U.S. coal turning slower since 2016 due to sustained world demand, there is no doubt that it will continue...

USA Energy Outlook Q1 2019

Since the U.S. became a net exporter in 2017, domestic prices have not responded significantly despite a ten-fold increase in natural gas net exports,...

Asia Gas Hub: To be or not to be?

Factors driving the creation of an Asian gas hub. Competition among Asian ports. The emergence of a Chinese gas hub? Source: Dr Kaho Yu

Quarterly Gas Market Review

Global gas spare capacity increased at the end of 2018 for the first time in 3 years, leading to s sharp decrease of the...

Developing Medium-scale LNG Projects

According to the author, new small and medium scale LNG markets will represent 50% of future LNG growth Source: Miguel Angel Biencinto, Miguel Duvison PhD

LNG infrastructure in Wilhelmshaven

Germany needs LNG imports in order to cover and guarantee the security of supply of natural gas supply in a 10 year perspective. Wilhelmshaven...

LNG: New sources & Markets

Global LNG supply is growing rapidly, but further new capacity will be required by the mid-2020s. China responsible for nearly half of recent global...

Economic and Energy Outlook of Japan for FY2019

Concerns over a slowdown could shadow stable economic growth. Energy demand will slightly rebound from this year’s decline. Fossil fuels’ share of power generation...

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Gas Market Update, Q1 2019

Gas Line is a newly launched quarterly publication that looks at major news stories in global gas—ranging from project development to markets and geopolitic. Author:...

A Gas Hub for Europe

The Iberian market is linked more to the global LNG market and therefore LNG prices, rather than to the European wholesale market. Author: Patrick Heather

Global LNG Report 2019

A Review of Demand, Supply and Financing Issues. Author: DLA Piper