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API Industry Outlook Third Quarter 2018

U.S. natural gas quietly achieved 12% annual growth in Q3, but appears demand - limited by potential coal & nuclear power subsides, global LNG...

Natural Gas in Europe: Will Customers Need More or Less?

Incremental LNG supply will outpace growth in demand.  Europe can absorb the surplus if the LNG is priced competitively - or it can be...

International LNG Market: Impacts on Brazil

Source: EPE

Economic and Energy Outlook of Japan through FY2019

Decelerating growth and growing disquiets. Source: YANAGISAWA Akira, IEEJ

A New Narrative for Gas

Source: Thierry Bros, OIES

The Real Fuel of the Future: Natural Gas

Accelerating America’s LNG exports would greatly expand the domestic economic benefits from shale gas. America’s natural gas industry already employs some 3 million Americans...

Trump’s Trade War with China

Clouds on the second wave of US LNG projects? China retaliated to the US tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods by imposing tariffs on...

Gas Markets in the next Five Years

New investment will be required along the entire natural gas value chain to provide flexibility & security of supply. For the future of gas to...

Spot LNG Price for Japan – August

The average price of spot-LNG imported into Japan that was contracted in August 2018 was 10.7 USD/MMBtu. Source: METI

An Overview of LNG Import Terminals in Europe

An Overview of LNG Import Terminals in Europe. Source: King & Spalding

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Natural Gas Medium-term Outlook and Security Review

Global gas markets are being re-shaped by three major structural shifts: China becoming the world’s largest natural gas importer US gas production and LNG exports rising...

American Views on Energy and Trade

American views on energy issues are highly partisan. Political divisions over increasing offshore drilling. Source: Bruce Stokes

Quarterly Gas Review: Analysis of Prices and Recent Events

The authors have updated their “LNG tightness” metric that measures the spread between the US Gulf Coast LNG FOB and the Henry Hub price....