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An Investigation of the LNG Market in China

China's LNG supply capacity will grow rapidly in the future. The receiving capacity will reach 68 million tons per year and LNG imports are...
Asian LNG spot prices

LNG Developments and Market Impacts

Source: U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Gas Geoeconomics in Europe: Using Strategic Investments to Promote Market Liberalization

How Might the U.S. Government Actually Finance Strategic Gas Import Infrastructure in Europe? Source: Gabriel Collins & Anna Mikulska

Discussions with LNG Suppliers on Asian LNG Market

Authors notes about Asian LNG market following discussion with LNG suppliers and other market stakeholders, and experts in Singapore. Source: Ken Koyama, PhD, IEEJ
Asian LNG Hubs

Asian LNG Trading Hubs: Myth or Reality

The most advanced hub initiatives are in Singapore, Japan, and China. However, each of these locations faces its own set of challenges, and none...

LNG and Natural Gas Price Assessment

LNG and Natural Gas Price Assessment 30th April – 11th May 2018 Source: Kaleem Asghar (LMA)

LNG in the Americas

How commercial, technological, and policy trends are shaping regional trade. Source: Jason Fargo, Alex Wood, Lisa Viscidi

LNG and Natural Gas Price Assessment

LNG and Natural Gas Price Assessment for the period 23rd April to 4th May 2018 Source: Kaleem Asghar (LMA)

Fuelling Maritime Shipping with Liquefied Natural Gas

Fuelling Maritime Shipping with Liquefied Natural Gas – The Case of Japan Source: OECD / ITF

Investment in LNG Supply Chain Infrastructure Estimation

This article presents the investment estimates for developing additional LNG supply chain infrastructures. Source: ERIA (Uemura T. and K. Ishigami)

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LNG from USA in Brazil and Americas

Overview of the Brazilian Natural Gas Industry. Prospects and uncertainties for growth. Source: Giovani Machado

Reforming the Eastern Australian Gas Market

The authors provide five policy actions to help remedy East Australia's gas market deficiencies to help establish a functional gas market. Source: Xunpeng (Roc) Shi &...

Economic Analysis of the LNG Import Solution to the Republic of Lithuania

Assessment of whether it is reasonable for Lithuania to ensure long-term LNG imports after 2024, when the agreement on the lease of the Independence,...