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LNG Opportunities for Marine and Rail

LNG Opportunities for Marine and Rail in the Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, and Inland Waterways

APGA’s View of LNG Exports

Supporters of LNG exports focus only on the top level conclusions: LNG exports provide net benefits to the U.S. However, they don’t talk about the fact that according to free trade theory, there are winners and losers created from LNG exports.

Current Outlook for Global LNG to 2020 and European LNG Prospects

Global business 238Mtpa and growing – mostly due to Asian demand growth Europe LNG imports declining mainly due to its role as a balancing region..

Global LNG Developments and their Impact on Europe

Why does Europe not get more LNG? Europe’s net imports have been steadily increasing up to 2010, then dropped by one tenth over 2010-13. LNG represents now only 20% of total net imports (against one third over 2010-11)...

LNG Supply and Demand -A Japanese Perspective

Energy Mix in Japan: LNG compensates for nuclear power since TEPCO 1F-NPP accidents. JOGMEC’s Activities in Shale Gas: 4 projects in the west of Canada

New Challenges and Opportunities for European Gas Markets

In the aftermath of the Ukraine crisis many voices were raised calling for a new European gas strategy targeting a substantial reduction of the dependence on Russian supplies. These requests, based on geopolitical considerations, simply fail...

The Role of LNG in Security of Supply

The EU has 19 regasification terminals and their current rate of utilization is low (20% on average in 2013). What could be the role of LNG imports in a worst-case scenario as regards as gas deliveries to the EU?

LNG Bunkering: Commercial Considerations and Opportunities

Review of the Regulatory, Financial & Operational Considerations of LNG Bunkering...

Price Discrimination and Limits to Arbitrage: An Analysis of Global LNG...

Large growth in LNG volumes for several reasons; Increased infrastructure investment (liquefaction & regasiifcation) Larger LNG shipping fleet & lower transport costs. LNG connects previously separate geographies: More flexible contracting between...

Prices & Trade in Global LNG Markets

LNG producers have significant market power. There are limits to price arbitrage in global LNG. Two cases of particular interest & importance: 1 Qatar LNG sales to Japan & UK 2 Potential impact of US LNG exports...

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U.S. LNG Export Capacity to Double by the end of 2019

The EIA projects that U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) export capacity will reach 8.9 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) by the end of...

Russia’s gas pivot to Asia

One consequence of the increasing antipathy towards Russian gas in Europe has been a natural search for alternative markets in order to diversify export...

Natural Gas In The World

Natural Gas in the World is Cedigaz' annual study of the global natural gas market. The report shows a strong expansion (+ 3.5%) of...