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The India LNG Market: Opportunities and Challenges in a Low Fuel...

Over the past decade, India has established itself as one of the keystones for the development of a global market in short-term LNG. The country enjoys huge potential to assume a greater role as both terminal capacity and the wider economy expand..

An EU Strategy for Liquified Natural Gas

LNG represents 15% of total EU gas imports. LNG : around 75% of the EU import capacity is in Spain, Portugal, France and the UK...

Medium-Term Gas Market Report 2015

Global gas demand will re-accelerate following a marked slowdown in both 2013 and 2014. Global gas demand is projected to grow 2% on average by 2020. Second wave of additional LNG supply is coming soon...

Europe’s LNG Strategy in the Wider EU Gas Market

Geopolitical tensions between the EU and Russia explain the EU’s willingness to further diversify its supply sources of natural gas to reinforce its long-term energy security on the one hand, and to strengthen its ability to solve future crises...

Global Transport Needs Sustainable Ports – LNG as part of Greenports

Technologies of the Future: Challenges for Ships and Harbors regarding environmental Compliance. Global transport needs sustainable ports – LNG as part of green ports.

European Gas Market – Status and Outlook

European gas demand has not developed as expected and further downside is possible. However, post 2020 «domestic» production is falling and Europe needs new supply. Russia and North American LNG are lining up as strong contenders to fill supply gap..

Is the U.S. a Rising Energy Superpower?

Is the U.S. a Rising Energy Superpower? Implications for Global Markets and Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Europe.

East Africa, Mozambique; Potential Supplier of LNG?

In Less Than Five Years the East African Deep Offshore in Mozambique and Tanzania Has Emerged as a Major Natural Gas Province With More Than 60 MMT of LNG Capacity in the Planning Stage. Initial Indications are That the Costs May be Low...

Floating LNG

FLNG is a Promising New Technology with Substantial Growth Prospects. It is Difficult to Generalize About Costs, Because They Are So Sensitive to Individual Gas Composition, Site Location and Marine Conditions...

Gas Market Developments in the Asia Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific Region Has Been at the Center of Some of the Major Trends That Have Been Driving International Gas Trade Over the Past Decade. But its Oil-Linked Prices, Forced up by High Oil Prices and Reinforced by Tight Asian Market Conditions...

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Western Australia LNG Profile

Western Australia has an established and reliable liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry. The State’s first LNG project, the North West Shelf, will celebrate 30...

China’s Energy Transition and Development Path

China has imported LNG from more than 20 countries in 2018. What's the medium term outlook. Author: Zuoxian Luo, Sinopec

FSRU Market

2018: a turning point in LNG and FSRU markets? Interesting slides from the Hoegh LNG Q4 investor presentation. Author: Hoegh LNG