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Russian LNG Export Liberalization

On 1 December 2013 a law on the export liberalization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) came into legal force in Russia. The law allows some categories of companies other than Russia's state gas giant Gazprom and its subsidiary companies to have LNG....

Challenges to JCC Pricing in Asian LNG Markets

Since 2000, diverging regional gas demand and production trends have induced a wider and more flexible network of trade-flows in an increasingly interconnected gas world, accelerated by unforeseen shocks in both supply and demand. North America ...

LNG Bunkers – Coming of Age

LNG as a marine fuel can no longer be described as a Nordic curiosity. It is now firmly in the frame as a serious fuel of choice in trucks, mining and off-road, railroads and marine. Both the USA and Canada are establishing “green” corridors based..

Natural Gas Price in Asia: What to Expect

US LNG exports will link global markets to storage in the US. Thus, liquidity will spill over and contribute to very different market paradigm. This will be felt most heavily in Asia.

LNG Import Potential to Europe

LNG is preferentially shipped to where prices are the highest, i.e. currently Asia and South America • Future: a lot of uncertainties, e.g., nuclear energy policy in Japan, development of LNG demand in Asia, exports from North America, East Africa...

World LNG Report 2014 Edition

Over the past three years, global LNG trade has stabilized at around 240 MT. Still, traded volumes in 2013 remained below the peak reached in 2011 as supply side constraints in the Atlantic Basin offset output growth in the Middle East and Asia....

A Comparative Analysis: 7 Different LNG Supplies to The Republic of...

LNG Market Overview Korean Gas Market. A Comparative Analysis :7 different LNG Supplies to the Republic of Korea

The Age of Gas & The Power of Networks

The report authors expect that gas consumption will grow by more than a third from its current level by 2025. They estimate that international trade in liquefied natural gas (LNG) will increase by 70 percent in this decade alone.

Ukrainian Gas Market

Overview of the Ukrainian gas market. Plans for the future include: Establishment of a new “Slovakia – Ukraine” reverse gas supply corridor. Construction of LNG terminal on the Black Sea coast....

The Effect of LNG Shipping Charter Rates on LNG Prices in...

Review of the LNG Shipping Market.The LNG Value Chain. Shipping Market – Past and Present. LNG Shipping Cost. Shipping Cost Model and Analysis. Development in the Future....

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Opportunities for Gas in Sub-Saharan Africa

Currently there are no LNG imports within the region, although a number of the countries are considering importing LNG – Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana...

Market Potential for Canadian LNG

Is there a potential for Canada to export its cheap natural gas to premium priced markets like Asia and get high netback’s? What roles...

The Impact of US LNG on Russian Natural Gas Export Policy

The authors argue that Russia is in a good position to defend its market share in Europe and looks at some of the strategies...