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U.S. LNG Exports: Truth and Consequence

U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports will occur in a global setting, so it is an international trade issue. Thus, to separate truth from fiction, one must apply the appropriate analytical framework grounded in international trade.

Impact of US LNG on International Gas Prices

The recent development of hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas reserves entrapped in shale has resulted in a U.S. natural gas bonanza.

More Liquid Markets – Impact on Supplier Strategies

Europe is transitioning from old, “orderly” gas world to more spot prices and more players - exchanges. Where will the balancing hub for Europe be? Europe in the middle of global prices, for now… What does more LNG mean for European prices?

How LNG is Transforming the Global Energy Market

The global demand for LNG is at record highs, with Asia accounting for nearly 60 percent of the global demand. With the demand for LNG also increasing in other parts of the world, such as Europe and Latin America, LNG is likely to become an....

A Banker’s View on Financing and New Supplies

Project finance lenders seem keen to use major gas aggregators as a buffer. Some seasoned LNG buyers are moving into the ‘Operatorship’ domain. Availability of funds is critical for LNG developers, and new players are more likely to use project ..

LNG & Gas Hubs

In our view, the question today is more how much the hubs have effect on LNG trade than the opposite. In a market where increased flexibility and uncommitted LNG contributes in a 2030% of the total LNG trade, gas Hub prices are one of the key...

LNG Shipping – Recent Trends and Prospects

Tightening LNG shipping supply / demand = higher freight ratesQuality older tonnage can bridge short to medium term requirementsDuring next 2-3 years new vessels will need to be ordered to replace oldertonnage and meet growing LNG....

Global Gas and LNG in Flux

Review of developments in key gas markets - regional supply and demand, LNG supply / demand, pricing signals, market outlook, conclusions.

Fukushima’s Impact on Global Gas

Global gas: new relevance for gas "spare capacity". Japanese nuclear restarts unlikely until spring. Post-Fukushima demand drivers: Asia Pacific and Europe…

LNG – Global Trends and New Right Answers

What does it mean for small scale LNG? Small scale LNG no longer a special-interest niche - LNG is diverse with many buyers and sellers today - LNG for bunkering has many benefits and could be accelerated! - There is much spare capacity at terminals.

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Unlocking India’s Gas Potential

While India aspires to increase the share of natural gas in its energy basket, the share of gas in India’s primary energy mix has...

Spot LNG Prices Japan – March 2019

The average price of spot-LNG imported into Japan that was contracted in March 2019 was 6.4USD/MMBtu Author: METI

LNG Transportation For Rail Pipeline

Concept for LNG distribution In Europe Author: Heinz Jurgen Hiller, VTG