Webinar: The Impact of Global Conflict and Economic Health on Future LNG Supply Projects | December 7, 2023

December 7, 2023
December 7, 2023
Poten & Partners

Join Poten’s Meredith Freeman, BI Editor and LNG Analyst and Majed Limam, Americas Manager for LNG & Natural Gas Advisory, for a timely webinar on Dec 7th as we examine the latest trends impacting the markets.

Topics to be addressed include:

• Will the EU begin to re-evaluate 2030/2050 decarbonization targets, on a weakening industrial outlook?

• Will LNG demand in Europe continue its upward trajectory – and what will be the impact on LNG supply projects globally? As much as Europe needs LNG – LNG does also need Europe to be part of the demand equation – sustaining the development of additional supply projects.

• How will the war in Ukraine and Gaza continue to impact the LNG market and global perceptions of security of supply?

• Will the Panama Canal’s current reduction of slot availability add stress to the logistics/cost of LNG shipping and supercharge these dynamics?


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