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Upcoming LNG events (conferences, training courses, webinars…)

World Gas Conference 2018
United States – Washington DC, Washington
25/06/2018 - 29/06/2018
Gas Indonesia Summit & Exhibition
01/08/2018 - 03/08/2018
Asia Pacific Congress on Oil and Gas
Shanghai, Shanghai
10/09/2018 - 11/09/2018
Gastech Barcelona
Barcelona, Barcelona
17/09/2018 - 20/09/2018
Future Energy Africa
Capetown, Capetown
01/10/2018 - 03/10/2018
LNG Business Fundamentals and Project Development
Dubai, Dubai
01/10/2018 - 05/10/2018
Negotiating Oil & Gas Contracts
London, London
08/10/2018 - 12/10/2018
LNG Bunkering Med Training Course
09/10/2018 - 11/10/2018
Oil & Gas Tanzania 2018
Dar-es-Salaam, Dar-es-Salaam
11/10/2018 - 13/10/2018
Latin America Energy Summit
Santiago, Chile, Santiago
17/10/2018 - 18/10/2018

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