LNG-and-the-future-of-energy LNG-and-the-future-of-energy LNG-and-the-future-of-energy

How LNG Promises to Change Natural Gas Markets …and How the Markets are Already Changing LNG!

Commoditising all gas is gas nationality less important

Equalising prices spare LNG can go anywhere

  • Low cost transport cost versus arbitrage opportunities
  • More than 30% of deliveries now NOT on LTCs
  • Easier to build re-gas terminals (or hire FSRU) for backup than rely on new pipelines – optionality

Established truths die several!

  • “Everyone gets rich in Japan”/“US wants all the LNG we can make
  • Value of optionality in uncertain times – infrastructure and sales
  • All fearless developers forget to look around – oversupply 
  • When will they ever learn?

What next?

  • Merit order elasticity?
  • Delay projects, optimise flows, turn off completely?
  • OR find new demand, risk management or business models?
  • New use for gas when LNG is available: transportation 

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