LNG trade to return to growth… post Covid19

LNG: 5 takeaway messages for the next 5 years

1) Gas demand is expected to fall by 4% or 150 bcm in 2020 -its largest drop in history, equating to the annual consumption of Germany and Italy combined

(2) the covid impact will weigh through the medium-term with 75 bcm/y of growth being lost compared to our pre-covid forecast

(3) the recovery will be largely driven by Asia, with China, India and other emerging markets accounting for over half of incremental gas demand

(4) LNG trade will expand by one-fifth contributing to a more liquid and interconnected global gas market, with the US becoming the largest exporter of chilled gas by 2025

(5) Europe’s will play an increasingly important role in balancing the global gas market thanks to its unique gas infrastructure and liquid hubs.

Source: Gerg MOLNAR (follow Gerg on LINKEDIN)



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