U.S. Gas Exports to China

China is the fastest growing natural gas consumer in the world. In 2016, the first cargo of LNG from the U.S. arrived at China. The Chinese...
LNG imports India

India: More competition for imports of U.S. LNG

Source: HH Brent Blog Bottom Line: A new upstream gas investment in India could create more supply competition in a key end market for U.S....

LNG: fuel of the future?

Source: Shefali Shokeen, Senior Research Analyst, Drewry Maritime Research With less than two years before the sulphur cap comes into force, LNG is looking more plausible...
Kuwait LNG imports

How Will LNG Support Kuwait’s Energy Transition?

Kuwait is mostly known as one of the world’s largest oil producing nations and as a leading member of OPEC. But the country was...

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LNG Monthly Report – August 2019

The latest report on US-produced LNG exports through July 2019. Source: US Dept. of Energy

Australia’s LNG Exports – June 2019

Australia exported an estimated $50 billion of LNG in 2018–19. Export earnings are forecast to lift to $54 billion in 2019–20, driven by growing...

Global Natural Gas Update

LNG trade remains the main driver of gas market globalisation, and a major source of incremental supply for Asia and Europe. Author: Keisuke Sadamori,IEA