Call for Papers: OGEL Special Issue on Changing LNG Markets and Contracts


The Oil, Gas and Energy Law (OGEL, ISSN 1875-418X) law journal is preparing a Special Issue on the “Changing LNG Markets and Contracts”.At the time of rapid LNG volume growth, this special issue will look specifically at the most recent phenomena in LNG markets and the key changes to traditional LNG contract structures. We encourage submission of relevant papers, studies, and brief comments on various aspects of
this subject.

Topics of interest include:

Commoditization of LNG
New LNG projects and markets
Novel LNG financing structures
Financial LNG trading
Portfolio LNG
LNG transactions
LNG Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs)
The role of SPAs in the LNG industry
Changing price formation in SPAs
Changing non-price terms in SPAs
Short-term and spot LNG deals
LNG disputes

Editor: Agnieszka Ason (London School of Economics)

More information and contact details Call for Papers: OGEL Special Issue on “Changing LNG Markets and Contracts” – News – News & Events – OGEL Journal (Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence) – Global Energy Law & Regulation Portal

The article submission guidelines are available at (more information and/or sample papers available upon request).



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